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Graziano Viale
Via Brigata Sassari n° 34 Cabras (OR)
Tel. +39 0783 558023
Cell. + 39 333 966 8581
Between past and present, magic and religion, drama and comedy, the orgins of masks date back to millenia ago, and are rooted in humans´ special desire to change their identies and plunge into a fantasy world.

Therefore, a mask exhibit can be a fascinating instrument for tracing the evolution of epochs and peoples - an ideal mirror reflecting cultures and traditions.

GRAZIANO VIALE has researched and studied the evolution of masks in the Mediterranean culture for many years.

He was born in Northern Italy, but has been living in Sardinia for several years, conducting a specific research on Phoenician-Punic ritual masks as well as traditional Sardinian masks, benefitting from fertile international contacts covering all art forms, and especially the European theater - both classical and avant-garde.

By now a much sought-after guest at various international festivals - including Avignon, Nancy, Bremen, Goslar, and Gerona - Viale is presently co-operating with Italian theatrical groups (Verona, Como, Belluno, Forlì...), and also developing cultural initiatives in Italian schools through seminars and workshops on the history and manufacture of leather masks.